Progress Report #2

Things are going better! I am sticking to my commitment of 2 applications per day, and I've sent out four more applications since last post. They've all been development positions in nonprofits: Institute of International Education, United Negro College Fund (NOLA!), Jewish Funds for Justice, and Cinereach. Seeing them all in a list now, it seems pretty random, but all the job descriptions were very similar, and I think I would have fun at all of them.

I'm still feeling overwhelmed with school, internships, and job hunting, etc... but I'm happy to be busy because I really feel like I'm making the most of my time during these last few weeks of my college career.

Last night was the new staff meet-and-greet for the dorm where I am an RA - Gramercy Green, and it reminded me of how different my life is going to be next year. I've been an RA for the last two years, and looking at next year's fresh batch made me think about how lucky they all are to still have so much of college left!

I'm starting to feel more and more jealous of others' positions. Earlier today, I was celebrating my friend getting his THIRD job (he is working three jobs consecutively). We went around the table and all the seniors talked about their jobs lined up for next year - a social media consultant, art-something at the Whitney, web designer in Colorado - and I couldn't help but feel inadequate. Don't get me wrong - I am SO happy that my friends have been so successful at securing their jobs, but I just wish that I could find my dream job, too.

In other news:
- I have an interview next week at Harlem Children's Zone. It's for a college advisor position in the college success office, and I really want it!!
- I hear back from TFA on Monday! Hopefully I actually get off the waiting list this time.
- The Alternative Breaks REorientation End of the Year event went AMAZINGLY well. Thanks to everyone who came and dressed-up.
- I ordered my cap and gown for graduation... it's really happening...


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